Certified Medicaid Planner Designation

Why Use a CMP™

Medicaid planning is a complex subject.  Most people have to face the difficulties of paying for long-term care and the complexities of the Medicaid system at the same time they are also having to deal with a difficult personal health crisis.  Oftentimes the health crisis is completely debilitating, leaving our loved ones to have to pick up the pieces.

Failing to plan properly can result in financial devastation.  Anyone needing long-term care or paying directly for long-term care services becomes part of the Medicaid Spenddown.  Without effective planning, a patient or a family will end up paying more for long-term care than the law requires.  This is especially important when the health crisis of a spouse unnecessarily drains resources that can be preserved for the healthy spouse.

To achieve Medicaid eligibility, people can turn to a Certified Medicaid Planner™.  Because Medicaid planning covers a diverse group of professionals (i.e., attorneys, accountants, financial advisors, care managers, social workers, etc.), it’s a good idea to have a team member who knows Medicaid planning and can work with other on the team to help the consumer achieve his/her planning goals.

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