exam-day-tipsExam day is here. It’s game time … time to sit for the CMP™ exam. Are you ready?

So you’ve studied. You’ve scheduled your exam. The alarm goes off on the morning of test and you want to be ready. Not just mentally ready, but ready for what to expect.

The CMP™ exam is administered at secure testing centers throughout the US, mostly situated on college campuses. The CMP™ staff will help you locate a testing facility nearest you that can accommodate your test proctoring.

The following are a series of tips that will help you prepare for the CMP™ exam:

Pre-Visit the Testing Center: If the testing center is within a reasonable drive, make a point to visit the testing center before your exam day. Many testing centers on college campuses and are easier to access if you’re a student living on campus than if you drive to campus. If you’re not familiar with the campus layout, locate the facility and find out where the closest parking facilities are and how long it takes to get from one spot to another.

Check the Calendar: Did you schedule the exam on the same date as the big game? Maybe you did. You should check the university’s academic and sports calendar to determine if you’ll be fighting with 30,000 fans for parking. If so, you may want to re-schedule the exam for a more convenient day or time. If you’re committed to the date, you may want to allow for extra time to find parking.

Make a Checklist: You will need to bring with your clearance email to take the exam and a photo ID. Testing centers are considered a secure facility and cellphones and other recording devices are not allowed in the testing room. Not every testing center has a place to stow these items, nor do they want the liability of holding on to them. Make a list of what you can and need to take in with you and leave the rest at home or in the car. If you leave it in the car, secure it in the trunk or a locked glove compartment. Does your facility require a proctor fee? Be sure to bring a check or credit card to pay for the proctor fee.

Parking: Most testing centers are located on university campuses. In denser or urban campuses, parking is at a premium. Most lots require payment for parking in the non-student lots. Be sure to bring money for parking just in case you need to park in a pay-for lot. Print out a campus map to find backup parking in case the parking structure closest to the testing facility is full.

Skip Starbucks: Extra bathroom breaks will cut into you exam time. The exam is 160 questions and you are given 3 hours to complete the exam. That’s one minute, seven seconds per exam question. Time is critical to the successful completion of the exam. Too much coffee in the morning might get the brain working, but may cost you critical exam time.

Extra Time: The CMP™ staff tries to schedule all exams during business hours or makes someone available after hours in case there is an issue at the testing center. Issues come up all the time. Just getting to the facility can be problematic if you encounter random traffic issues or unexpected road closures. The best way to handle these issues is to be proactive and give yourself extra time to get to the facility and extra time before your exam to make sure that any outstanding issues can be resolved before your actual testing time. Any delays that push your exam window after the closing time of the exam facility will force you to either have less time to take the exam or to have to re-schedule the exam. By allowing for extra time to get to the facility and to deal with unexpected problems, you will better insure a full exam time with full CMP™ staff support to help work with the testing center to ensure a positive exam experience.

Report Testing Center Issues: If there are any issues which come up during the administration of the exam, ask the proctor to document the problems. While most testing centers do their best to provide you with a quiet, distraction-free environment there are certain issues that are outside of anyone’s control. If a fire alarm goes off in the middle of your exam, make sure it is reported. If a tornado forces you to cut your exam short to go to a designated shelter, report it. The CMP™ Board uses these reports to determine if a candidate can re-sit for an exam.

As the premier standard-setting body in the Medicaid Planning field, the CMP™ Governing Board established an ethics panel made up of professional Medicaid Planners.

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