CMP™ Renewal Requirements

Renewal Requirements
Once an applicant has been certified as a CMP™, the certificant must meet the CMP™ Governing Board’s renewal standards to maintain that certification and hold himself or herself out to the public as a CMP™. These standards are set to ensure that a candidate continues to enhance their knowledge and skills in all key areas of Medicaid planning through ongoing professional development activities.
The renewal requirements include:

  • Paying the annual certification fee;
  • Submitting a properly completed application for re-certification (every 3 years); and
  • Completing 20 hours of continuing education accepted by the CMP™ Governing Board, including 18 hours in the Major Medicaid Planning areas and 2 hours of Medicaid Planning Ethics.

For more information about the  Continuing Education requirements, click here.

Renewal Notice

The CMP™ Governing Board will send all certificants a notice six months prior to the deadline for filing the re-certification application. The notice will include the total amount of hours on record at that time for approved continuing education. Your renewal deadline will coincide with the date you successfully passed the CMP™ examination.

Annual Certification Fee:

To pay the annual certification fee of $250.00 click below.


As the premier standard-setting body in the Medicaid Planning field, the CMP™ Governing Board established an ethics panel made up of professional Medicaid Planners.

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