Certified Medicaid Planner Designation

CMP™ Examination Guidelines

Computer Training ClassThe Certification Exam:

The CMP™ examination is a 160-question test covering a broad number of Medicaid Planning topics.  The test type is multiple-choice. Upon completion of the online certification exam, the computer will immediately report your score. A passing score is positively passing sixty-five (65%) of the test questions accurately, that is a score of 104 or above.

The test is administered at a local testing site by a professional proctor.  The candidate can choose from a list of pre-approved testing centers.  Most are located a major universities throughout the US.  90% of the population is within a two-hour drive of an approved testing center.  If a candidate needs a closer testing center than those pre-approved, a request can be made and additional testing centers may be available.

Test takers have 3 hours to complete the test unless additional accommodations have been made.n English.  It is a closed-book exam; however, a standard formula sheet is provided.

For more information about the test administration email:  [email protected]

To find a testing center nearest you, click here.

CMP™ Certification Activities:

The chart below contains information regarding CMP™ Certification Activities, including the pass/fail rate, for the CMP™ certification exam:




Test Blueprint:

A thorough Job Analysis and Test Specification Report was drafted by Assessment Systems Corporation which used psychometrically valid principles to formulate a test blueprint. For the 160-question exam, the weight of each subject matter area is indicated in the table below:

Test Blueprint








For a full copy of the Job Analysis and Test Specification Report, click here.

Annual reports containing the total number of candidates examined, pass/fail statistics, and the number of individuals currently certified are found using the individual links below:

2013 Annual Report

2014 Annual Report

2015 Annual Report

2016 Annual Report

2017 Annual Report

The standard setting report detailing how the examination is developed is a confidential document; however, the Angoff Standard Setting Method was employed by through a psychometric standard setting process to develop the examination.

The most recent technical report can found at CMP 2018 Technical Report 3-12-2019