Enforce a Uniform Code

One of the functions of the CMP™ Board is to enforce a uniform code of ethics among its certificants.  The following is the procedure the CMP™ Board uses to enforce discipline:

Filing a Grievance.  Anyone may file a grievance against a certificant; however the grievance must be strictly limited to ethical violations by the certificant.  We recognize that not every planner will handle every situation the same way, nor do we feel that the grievance process is a way to complain about things that are outside of the planner’s control or which are better resolved in other forums.  The use of the grievance process is to expose and address flagrant violations of the CMP™ Ethical Principles.  This allows the CMP™ Governing Board to adequately ensure the compliance by a CMP of high ethical standards and demonstrates to the public that a CMP™ is held to the high standards in a meaningful way.  

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Investigation.  A staff investigation will be initiated by the filing of any grievance and the staff will report the findings of the investigation to the CMP™ Ethics Council.  The investigation will provide an opportunity for the certificant to answer and rebut the charges.

The staff will send a notice to the certificant by certified mail which includes a copy of the complaint and provide the certificant with 28 days to reply to the notice with a response.

The response is then shared with the person filing the grievance to see if the response adequately addresses the issue or if they wish to pursue the grievance.

If the person chooses to not pursue the grievance, then the staff prepares a report for the CMP™ Ethics Council and places a copy of the report in the certificant’s file.

If the person filing the grievance wishes to purse the grievance and there appears to be sufficient probable cause that the CMP has breached the CMP™ Ethical Principles, then the matter is reported to the CMP™ Ethics Council for adjudication.

Referral to CMP™ Ethics Council.  Any grievance found to have sufficient evidence to establish that there is probable cause that a certificant has breached the CMP™ Ethical Principles shall be referred to the CMP™ Ethics Council for adjudication.

Hearing.  The CMP™ Ethics Council is authorized to conduct a hearing of the grievance and weigh the evidence.  The hearing committee is required to make a finding and report it finding to the CMP™ Ethics Council.

CMP™ Ethics Council Recommendation.  If the hearing committee that has heard the grievance decides that there is clear and convincing evidence that a violation of the CMP™ Ethical Principles have been breached by the certificant, then the Ethics Council shall make a recommendation to the CMP™ Governing Board concerning what disciplinary action should be taken against the certificant.

Final Disposition.  The CMP™ Governing Board has the authority for the final disposition and implementation of any disciplinary action against a certificant. Depending on the severity of the breach of the CMP™ Ethical Principles, the disciplinary action may include but is not limited to a temporary suspension of the CMP™ designation, requirement for additional continuing education, fines, and/or full revocation of the designation.

Reinstatement.  Anyone having their CMP™ designation:

suspended for a limited amount of time will have their designation automatically reinstated after the suspension period has elapsed;

suspended for a limited amount of time with a condition precedent (e.g., the completion of additional continuing education classes) will have their designation reinstated after demonstration that the condition precedent has been met; or

fully revoked cannot re-apply to regain the designation for six years from the date of revocation and any such application will only be considered after a review of the candidate’s situation and a positive recommendation for admittance by the CMP™ Ethics Council.

The CMP™ Governing Board holds the final authority on all decisions concerning discipline and reinstatement.

As the premier standard-setting body in the Medicaid Planning field, the CMP™ Governing Board established an ethics panel made up of professional Medicaid Planners.

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