Certified Medicaid Planner Designation

CMP™ Ethical Principles


CMP™ Ethical Principles

All program certificants are required to uphold the highest ethical principles.

As the premier standard-setting body in the Medicaid Planning field, the CMP™ Governing Board established an ethics panel made up of professional Medicaid Planners.   Together they have formulated a unifying set of client-first principles to guide Certified Medicaid Planners™ in the proper and ethical practice of the profession.

The field of Medicaid Planning overlaps multiple disciplines.  Medicaid Planners are often a sub-set of the legal community, the financial community, or the geriatric care/social worker community.  Some of these professions have their own set of ethical rules and professional responsibilities.  However, before the CMP™ Ethics Panel was created, there was no set standard of ethical professional principles to unify the cross-discipline professionals.  The CMP™ Ethical Principles provides the first-ever multi-discipline code of professional conduct for Medicaid Planners and a yardstick by which to enforce standards among the certified population of planners.

The public and consumers of Medicaid Planning services will know that when dealing with a CMP™, the certificant has agreed to uphold this unifying set of ethical principles.  Furthermore, the certificant also agrees to be held accountable by the CMP™ Governing Board for their conduct in the profession.  Through the grievance process, the public can have conduct of the CMP™ reviewed for ethical lapses and the CMP™ Governing Board has a strict discipline policy that can include sanctioning the certificant or decertifying the planner.

Additionally, the CMP™ Governing Board has a strict policy on respecting planners from diverse backgrounds and professions. Medicaid Planning is often a mixture of professionals that include attorneys, accountants, financial advisors, social workers, and other professionals involved in the planning process and Medicaid eligibility process.  Each professional has a valid and lawful role to play and we encourage each planner to stay within the confines of their individual profession (e.g., a financial advisor or social worker should not practice law) and respect the role that other professionals play in the planning process.


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